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Polinski - Labyrinths
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 00:00
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Over the years 65daysofstatic have evolved from math rockers to a bunch of dudes who like to mess around with electronics. One of them (16daysand6hoursofstatic?) is Paul Wolinski who has taken things even further on his solo outing. Under the moniker Polinksi he released a very fine album called “Labyrinths”, an all-electronic sidestep. I’m not the biggest fan of electronic music but this sounds pretty damn good. Beats burst open from out of nowhere only to then disappear and sneak back up on you, the synths sound trance-y and there’s plenty of 80s video games nostalgia thrown in as well.

It’s electronic music but it rocks… that pretty much sums it up. Don’t expect anything else than tunes that demand to be played loud with the windows rolled down.