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Censored Colors
Portugal. The Man – Censored Colors
Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 00:00
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Portugal. The Man. I’ve already reviewed one of their older albums and classifying them hasn’t become any easier since. These dudes call Alaska home and I’m thinking the cold got to them a long time ago. Here are the notes I took while listening to “Censored Colors”, the band’s third full-length.
All of the styles you can think of are present somewhere on “Censored Colors” plus probably some that won’t be invented for another ten years. The only constant is John Baldwin Gourley’s warm soulful voice. The rest of the band often joins in with great harmonies that could’ve come off of a Beach Boys album. Scratch that, the band joins in an awful lot. “Lay Me Back Down” is a beautiful mellow song that Fleet Foxes wish they wrote. 15 Songs might be a bit too long. This is prog rock I can enjoy. Very different from their past releases but I’m liking it although a little more variation wouldn’t hurt things on the next album.

Guess this review is as incoherent as “Censored Colors” but I highly doubt it’s equally beautiful.