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Rotzak - Rotzak
Monday, July 3, 2017 - 15:40
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Rotzak is a Belgian band with a name that stands out. That’s because ‘rotzak’ means ‘bastard’ in Dutch. Or ‘rotten ballsack’ if you want go for a literal translation. It’s not a very nice name. Then again, these dudes don’t make nice music. Take opening track “Sailing The Seas Of Consequences” for example. You are treated to screams the moment you hit play and then the rest of the band kicks in with some serious shredding and pummeling drums. It’s a bit like The Bronx on their first album… furious hardcore punk with plenty of rock ‘n roll swagger and catchy hooks.


They hit you even harder across the head with the John Coffey-like “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” before going for an Alice In Chains vibe on the “Deathline” and then round things out with “Light In The Flame”, which manages to come with a ton of twists and turns while still managing to stay catchy.


While we generally don’t endorse calling people names, we will gladly make an exception for Rotzak.


Track listing:

  1. Sailing The Seas Of Consequences
  2. A Series Of Unfortunate Events
  3. Deathline
  4. Light The Flame