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Another Life, Another Day
Sad Vegan - Another Life, Another Day
Friday, March 3, 2017 - 11:27
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Right from the start, this band gets extra points for their name! And to make things even better, the songs on “Another Life, Another Day” are easily as good as their band name. Sad Vegan is a California-based pop-punk outfit who released quite an impressive 6-song debut that is bouncy, energetic and melodic in all the right places while alternating male and female vocals tell two sides of the same story.

"This EP is a reflection on growing up and learning how to deal with the relationship you have with yourself and the people around you," guitarist Bailey Blanton explains. "Whether that means cutting toxic people out of your life, or simply coming to the realization that you can always improve your own character, we are all just trying to figure it out. These six songs are our personal interpretation of this struggle."

“New Years No Fears” and the emo-ish pop of “Palm Trees” are just two of the highights and with “Little Bird”, they even have a mostly acoustic song that for once doesn’t feel like the obligatory, forced acoustic offering on a pop-punk album.

Fans of bands like Muncie Girls are guaranteed to get a kick out of this one!


Track listing:

  1. One Step
  2. New Years, No Fears
  3. Talk Sick, Toxic
  4. Little Bird
  5. Palm Trees
  6. Idlebridge