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Mutiny (Deluxe Edition)
Set Your Goals – Mutiny (Deluxe Edition)
Friday, June 13, 2008 - 00:00
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“Mutiny” already was an incredibly fun album where you could literally see the energy seap out of your stereo in some sort of liquid form. No worries though, it didn’t burn a hole in the ground Alien-style. Instead these guys’ mix of Lifetime, CIV and New Found Glory makes me feel good every single time I hear this album. And now with the deluxe edition, there’s even more to enjoy. On the bonus disc you’ll find five demo recordings that were made shortly before the band recorded “Mutiny”. Plus you get some video footage as well. Maybe not that interesting if you already purchased the album when it first came out. But hey, it’s a nice bonus for those who haven’t. Even though I think they deserve to get your ass kicked for not already owning “Mutiny”!