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Sons Of Thunder
Sleeping Giant – Sons Of Thunder
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 - 00:00
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Sleeping Giant is back with the follow-up to “Dread Champions Of The Last Days” and in case you didn’t know they are a christian band, they start off the title track with a verse from the gospel of Matthew. One thing I’ve always wondered about that whole turning the other cheek thing… does that work with butt cheeks as well?

Anyway, these dudes still use breakdown-laden hardcore to pummel the words of the good lord into us and they actually play okay hardcore with plenty of chugga chugga riffs and vocalist Thom’s voice screaming over it.

But then there’s “He Will Reign”, a piano-driven ballad about the man upstairs. Suddenly all pretense about being a hardcore band is thrown overboard and Sleeping Giant turns into a bunch of wankers that try their hand at an uninspired ballad. Well, fuck that… I’m not into hardcore to pray. I don’t care what people believe in and sing about but there are limits to what I can take… keep that shit for church.