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Be Disappointed
This Is A Standoff – Be Disappointed
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 - 00:00
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Two years ago, This is a Standoff booked a European tour on the legs of just two demos they posted on their MySpace page and the credibility they had with former Belvedere members in the band. Then their debut album “Be Excited” came out and woke everyone up. They’re back now with album number two for which they couldn’t have picked a more ironic title than “Be Disappointed”.

It might not be as instantly catchy as some of the songs on their debut, but the drums are still friggin’ fast, the guitars still squeal and crunch and do all kinds of right things while vocalist Steve Rawles has just the right amount of bite in his voice. I mean these guys are fast, melodic and technical as fuck… if you were into Belvedere or consider yourself A Wilhelm Scream fan, you should most definitely own this album. One of the finer punkrock albums I’ve heard this year!