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You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire
Summerlin - You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire
Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 21:18
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Ha! If you would’ve told me that I was listening to the new New Found Glory or Set Your Goals album, I might have believed you. Because what these UK dudes pull off on “You Can’t Burn Out If You’re Not On Fire” comes pretty damn close to those bands’ sound. It’s as if they thought ‘screw originality… but hey, if we are going to be a copy, let’s be the very best one we can be’. And damned if that isn’t just what they did.

All of the songs on this album are high on speed and energy, chock full of melody, hooks and catchy choruses and come with breakdowns in all the right places. Throw in some of those sweet pop-punk high-pitched vocals and boom, you’ve got the formula down pat. If you’re into the abovementioned bands, there’s no doubt you’ll go nuts over Summerlin as well.