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Sunny Day Real Estate – Diary
Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 00:00
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For all those little emo wankers out there who think that they know what it’s all about because they have the latest Fall Out Boy album, please check out this re-mastered version of 1994’s “Diary”, Sunny Day Real Estate’s first album. It comes with all the goodness that was already there back then plus two songs off of the “Thief Steal Me Like A Peach” 7”.

Right along the time grunge was making us all dress in flanel shirts, these guys were doing something else. They loved playing around with soft/loud dynamuics in their songs and along with emotional vocals and loud guitar eruptions it made for a winning combo. Just listen to opener “Seven” or - the ultimate SDRE song - “In Circles” and you’ll find out why these guys are called the pioneers of the genre. Hugely underrated, even after fifteen years.