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Throw Rag – Tee-Tot
Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 00:00
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“Tee-Tot” is Throw Rag’s debut full-length and was originally released on Hellnote Records back in 1999. It’s now being re-released thanks to the people over at Acetate with two bonus tracks. It already shows what we all have learned by now… Throw Rag is a very exciting band that always manages to find the right balance between songs that inspire your hips to shake and tracks that rock(abilly).

Let yourself be lulled into submission by “Lady Boo” only to then set the place on fire with songs like “Race With The Devil” or “Table 4 3”… these Salton Sea natives have it all for sale on “Tee-Tot”. Maybe not as good as their later releases but still worth having if you’re a fan of their country/rockabilly/punk/swamp boogie/…