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Verse – Aggression
Saturday, July 19, 2008 - 00:00
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Gee, a hardcore band whose album is named “Aggression”? I don’t know what to expect! Which of course isn’t true since we are talking about Verse’s third album here and I know damn well what to expect and I ain’t settling for anything else but some kickass hardcore. And once again Verse doesn’t disappoint! If anything they easily supercede all expectations. And after predecessor “From Anger And Rage” those expectations were pretty damn high. The album opens calmly enough until vocalist Sean Murphy opens his yap and we’re off for nearly half an hour of beautiful noise. Verse’s aggression doesn’t translate itself in double bass drums or death metal riffs. No, Verse swears by poignant lyrics and mostly midtempo songs to make their point without losing even the least bit of energy, passion and yes, aggression. Think Bane, Inside Out or Champion. But actually it’s not fair to compare Verse to other bands because with “Aggression” they’ve definitely proven to be one of those acts other bands should be compared to. If they are that lucky!