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Vultures United – Savages
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 00:00
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Following up “Dirt Hearts” with their first full-length, SoCal’s Vultures United seem to have no problem whatsoever keeping things as intense throughout all of “Savages” as on their EP. With their short hardcore jabs that either go for the throat or the gut, they will take you down no matter what.

I’ve already heard these guys being described as ‘the scariest live band around’. While I can’t be the judge of that seeing as I’ve only heard their records so far, I can however tell you that fans of Black Flag, The Bronx, Nerve Agents and other vicious hardcore punk acts with names consisting of two words should rejoice and pick up a copy of “Savages”. Or pick up a copy of “Savages” and then rejoice. The same goes for fans of one-word named bands like Gallows.