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Feels Good
What Gives - Feels Good
Monday, May 8, 2017 - 18:54
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Chicago-based band What Gives features familiar faces in the form of Andy Hendricks (Annabel), Joe Henderer (Elway), Delia Hornik (ex-Dowsing) and Marcus Nuccio (Pet Symmetry). Started in 2014 as a way for a couple of friends to blast out poppy hooks, What Gives now has a full-length out that – like the title suggests - feels good.


If you are looking for some crunchy power-pop tunes that come with more whoa’s than you could possibly need in a week, What Gives has got you covered. Tapping from the same vein as early Weezer and “Something To Write Home About”-era Get Up Kids, What Gives ended up with an album that might not be flawless but is charming from start to finish.


Track listing:

  1. I Feel Bad
  2. Something Real
  3. Get By
  4. Waking Up In Heaven
  5. All We Wanted
  6. All We Got
  7. How Do You Define Home
  8. Milk & Honey
  9. Dig Me Out
  10. Slime Time Live
  11. Not For You
  12. I Feel Good