​Spotlights share video for 'Xerox'
​Spotlights share video for 'Xerox'
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 20:21
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Spotlights, who released their new album, Love & Decay, last month via Ipecac Recordings, share a video for the track "Xerox". The video, which is shot from the perspective of guitar player Mario Quintero, is a nod to ‘90s alt-rock videos, with the band saying, “we love the way they didn’t take themselves too seriously and kind of make fun of those who do.”

“The video loosely represents what ‘Xerox’ is about as a song. Poking fun and those who use facades in life or in music, as well as showing that you don’t have to take yourself so damn serious cause you make art,” said Quintero, who also directed the clip. “Where the song takes a more serious angle towards those who hide behind falsehoods while perpetuating hate and fear, the video provides some comic relief.”