Alcopop! Records release summer sampler 2018
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 20:47
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Alcopop! Records are pleased to reveal The Spirit of ’82…, a brand new summer 2018 compilation sampler featuring a track from each of the records Alcopop! has released this year.
The compilation is out now on all good DSPs and you can order the exclusive pay what you want tshirt from bandcamp here which comes with all tracks from the record.
In the spirit of this year’s World Cup, for the exclusive tshirt the label asked artist Rhi Lee to recreate their second favourite citrus fruit ever (behind the label’s iconic lemon mascot) – yes football and fruit fans, it’s Naranjito, that dynamic orange champion from Spain '82.
Commenting on the release, label boss Jack Clothier said: "We've had a bloody wonderful year so far, so we want to showcase all the amazing acts we've had the privilege of working with in 2018. A pay what you want compilation seemed the right idea, but Alcopop! being Alcopop! we really wanted to add something physical to the mix.
“Naranjito is our second favourite citrus of all time (you can probably guess the first) and in the spirit of the excitement of the World Cup, a retro-themed ringer shirt featuring a jovial orange seemed the right way to go...did we mention that's pay what you want as well? So go download the compilation, get a shirt (for nothing but a few pounds postage - though feel free to drop us a few quid if you can) and relax, safe in the knowledge that you've done something awesome.
“Mainly this is a thanks to all of the wonderful people who support the label year in, year out and a compilation that has some of the best tracks you'll hear in 2018 on it...but also (in a small way) it's just a great opportunity to print a fucking awesome mascot on a shirt, right?”
Track listing:

  1. ‘Get Terrified’ – itoldyouiwouldeatyou
  2. ‘Rinse, Repeat’ - Kississippi    
  3. ‘Bad Saliva’ - Kagoule  
  4. ‘Guillotine’ - DZ Deathrays      
  5. ‘Act Naturally’ - Happy Accidents        
  6. ‘Less Than Perfect’ - The Spook School           
  7. ‘Faking Laughter’ - Tigercub    
  8. ‘I Don't Know’ - Youth Man
  9. ‘Downtown (Edit)’ - Nelson Can          
  10. ‘Cows to the East, Cities to the West’ – Tubelord