The Attack release video for 'Big Shot'
Wednesday, August 8, 2018 - 14:03
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Floridian-punks, The Attack have released the second single 'Big Shot', taken from their upcoming split release with UK punk band No Thrills, which is out now via Violated Records.

Speaking on the story behind Big Shot, vocalist Charlie Bender commented, "It’s Friday night and the work week is finished. You’re at a show with your best mates, you’ve been waiting for this show for weeks, excited for good times.  The music starts and in rushes the a*****e of the night, charging from the back of the club pushing everyone and spilling beers.  The crowd separates giving room to the one no one wants to be around.  The one screaming for attention, making it awkward and uncomfortable for everyone else.  A total bummer and let down for everyone attending."