Bad Idols announce tour dates
Bad Idols announce tour dates
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 07:54
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Knoxville, TN punks Bad Idols are about to hit the road with Burnt Toast ( Knoxville,TN Together Records) between June 11th thru June 20th. Find full tour dates below.

They are about to release their third full length album "Can't Imagine" this fall.


Tour dates:

June 11- Media Rerun, Murfreesboro TN
June 12 - Best Friend Bar, Lexington KY
June 13- Hannah House, Indianapolis IN
June 15- Bad Idols at Midwest Punk Fest - Bloomington IL
June 16- Burnt Toast at Midwest Punkfest - Bloomington IL
June 17-  Lopiez Manor, Davenport IA
June 18- Tba, St. Louis MO
June 19-  P&H Cafe, Memphis TN
June 20- Maggie Myers, Huntsville AL