Boston garage punks Black Beach share "Cluttered Head"
Friday, July 28, 2017 - 10:22
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Boston, MA garage punks Black Beach are set to release Play Loud Die, Vol. II in September, an EP that they recorded with Paul Kolderie (Dinosaur Jr., Hole, Pixies) and the follow up to the band's recent split with Nice Guys. The trio have pulled back from their "always at 10" approach to blown out fuzz, opting for more dynamics while making their sound all the more visceral in the process. One of the Boston underground's best and most explosive new bands, Black Beach have added nuance to their menace, and they are only getting better in doing so.

Play Loud Die, Vol. II is about the general anxiety of modern day life, while "Cluttered Head" specifically is reflects on "a string of bad luck (several deaths of close ones, flat tires, things breaking, etc.) as well as letting your living space get messy and the stress that causes."