Bullet Treatment to release new EP
Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 19:52
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Bullet Treatment will release a new EP titled “Bloodshot Chapter 1” on March 8th.

This will be the first release of all brand new material since 2013’s “Ex-Breathers”. Since then the band has re-issued their debut release “What More Do You Want?” with 5 never released bonus tracks as well as a collection simply titled “Retrospective”. The band is also planning on releasing the follow up “Chapter 2” this year as well.

In case you didn’t know yet, Bullet Treatment is a Hardcore Punk Rock band based out of Los Angeles, CA. The band is Chuck Dietrich’s brainchild and he is the only member to have performed on every single release. While Chuck is not only the songwriter, it was his idea to have multiple people perform on releases and try different avenues including having the same song on a release with multiple singers performing their own versions. Bullet Treatment has had over 35 members from various bands including THE BRONX, FAITH NO MORE, SOCIAL DISTORTION, RISE AGAINST, ANTI-FLAG, SWINGIN UTTERS, CIVET, CANCER BATS, VULTURES UNITED, BURNING LOVE, and too many more to mention.