Call it off release artwork & teaser for new album
Monday, November 17, 2014 - 17:55
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Ever since the start of Call It Off in September 2013, everything that could have gone right, went right. Within a year the pop punk band from Eindhoven, NL managed to

tour Europe, score over 50.000 streams on their first single, and open for personal heroes such as The Wonder Years, Zebrahead, The Story So Far and New Found

Glory. Besides all the cool people they met on the road, the media also has been very kind to Call It Off. Both Lovers EP and Liars EP received much love, with awesome quotes such as "If the Dutch town of Eindhoven were a suburb of San Francisco, this band would be HUGE already" ( as a result. Consequently, both EPs quickly sold out and were no longer available… until now!

‘Lovers & Liars’ bundles both EPs with the addition two previously unreleased songs, creating the full length it was initially meant to become. A pop punk record that’s “perfect if you’re going on a little road trip in the middle of the summer and you need some music to jam out to in the car” (

By combining the two EPs cover artworks – as shown in the teaser – all pieces of the 'Lovers & Liars' cycle literally fall into place. Go check it out yourself and hear a part of the brand new track ‘Forward or Crazy’

The album will be out early 2015 thru White Russian records (NL) on CD/Digital and also on limited colored vinyl thru White Russian Records (NL) en I For Us Records (BE). More details will be released soon.