Caracara release new song 'Dark Bells'
Caracara release new song 'Dark Bells'
Friday, September 20, 2019 - 09:34
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Before Caracara embarks on their first full U.S. tour later this month, the dynamic Philly-based band share a new song today called “Dark Bells,” produced by Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Will Yip. Part glimpse into the ways of our past and part grim reality of our dystopian present, “Dark Bells” finds Caracara as sharp and formidable as ever.

“I had been reading about how industrialization brought about the relevance of keeping track of time as people moved from farms to factories. Ringing bells in factory towns dictated people’s every move long before anyone cared to know specifically what time it was,” vocalist/guitarist William Lindsay explains of the track.

“I think we’re still stuck in a similar system. We know what time it is but we’re still essentially governed by bells, only now they’re in our pocket and probably on vibrate. I wanted to write something about the enduring concept of being beholden to a new technology.

Caracara initially teamed up with Yip for their collaborative debut Better, an ambitious EP that immediately calls to mind the grandiose nature of bands like The National, Explosions In The Sky, and Bon Iver. Its title track is one to note; featuring guest vocals from Marisa Dabice of the band Mannequin Pussy, it’s a song that represents everything that William Lindsay set out to create the day this band was formed.

“We all share a common bond in that it is our goal to create lush and monumental moments with our music,” Lindsay explains of the band’s dynamic and formidable approach to songwriting. Joined by Carlos Pacheco-Perez, George Legatos and Sean Gill, the music on both the Better EP and their 2017 debut, Summer Megalith, feels effortlessly magnificent; Pitchfork even heralded the latter as “some of the most immediately cathartic indie rock of recent times.”

For the first time, Summer Megalith will be coming out on vinyl this fall via Yip’s Memory Music label, complete with a re-mastering done by Yip and re-imagined cover art.