Cardiff Pop Punks Junior Unveil 2nd Track From Forthcoming Sophomore Release
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 17:20
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1st September 2015: Cardiff Pop Punk Trio Junior have unveiled another track from their forthcoming 'JuniorLand' mini-album, ahead of it's release on 16th October. You can hear 'A House That's Not Quite A Home' below.

Professional wrestler and bassist/vocalist of the band, Mark Andrews, says of the track: "It's the first song we had written ready for the record, and we wanted to welcome everyone in to Juniorland with this big Four Year Strong inspired riff". It's also the track which Andrews has chosen as his walk on when wrestling with TNA (Total Nonstop Action).

Other members of the band happen to also comprise a children's book author and the head of a non-profit organisation. As a result they form a pop punk band with more on their minds than girls, skateboards and pizza. Guitarist/Vocalist Matt Attard comments on the tracks content that "The lyrics really reflect that whole idea of leaving behind the place that you've grown up in and grown comfortable with, in favour of something new and (hopefully..!) better."

Discussing the EP itself, he comments "We all liked the idea of a concept album, and building our own little world that's explained and explored through each of the songs." Whilst the band's conceptual JuniorLand carries an aesthetic straight out of Pleasantville via a Don Draper ad campaign, its sound is a little more contemporary. In parts reminiscent of Blink 182's rightfully revered 2003 self titled album, JuniorLand is highly melodic, swathed in big guitars and layered lead vocals where Attard (who also handles all of the band's graphic design) and Andrews, take turns to belt out impassioned hooks.

 JuniorLand Track Listing:

1.            A House That's Not Quite A Home
2.            Maria
3.            That Pretty Dress
4.            Lakeside
5.            If I Had The Time I'd Tell You I'm Not Sorry
6.            Anywhere But Here
7.            Epilogue (We Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay)

Stream Single 'A House That's Not Quite A Home' here.