Compltr debuts new song 'Fare Jumper'
Compltr debuts new song 'Fare Jumper'
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 20:05
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Compltr is the complicated and emotional brainchild of Jeff Wright (Unconditional Arms, The American Scene). After years of carefully hiding the project, Compltr sprung into action in 2018 with the CS release of Purification Ritual via Etruscan Gold (Wax Idols’ imprint label), a jarring single, and release shows on both coasts of the US. In 2019, Compltr returns with Rogue, a 5 song look into the nuance of years as a functional and introspective masochist. The record’s first single, "Fare Jumper", highlights the recognition of consistently poisoning oneself, being disgusted with the result yet still not knowing how to change for the better.

Rogue will be available everywhere on April 19.