Count Your Lucky Stars add Mimisiku to their roster
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 - 20:07
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Count Your Lucky Stars is excited to announce Denton, TX's Mimisiku as the newest member to the family. The label is set to release the band's debut LP, "The Thrill Of Living", on February 19th.

If the term “Mimi Siku” isn’t familiar with you, it must have been a while since you’ve watched the classic Tim Allen movie Jungle 2 Jungle. Or so I've read. I have never dared watching it.

As for the band itself (containing both members of Two Knights), these dudes play a style that mixes punk ala The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, and Texas is the Reason with biting vocals and a little more pop.


1. I Can't Sleep
2. Kettlers of Satan
3. What Means Obligated
4. Ukume
5. Cut Me Open And Crawl Inside Me, One Of Us Should Live
6. Don't Do It
7. The Hand Strikes and Gives a Flower
8. It Depends On Whether Your Conception Of Time Is Linear Or Circular
9. A Constant State of Despair
10. I Still Can't Sleep