Death Valley High reveal 'Warm Bodies' video
Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 11:54
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One part Marilyn Manson, one part Deftones, NorCal's DEATH VALLEY HIGH are readying new album, 'CVLT [AS FVK]' for release on 4th November 2016 via minusHEAD Records, with lead single, 'Warm Bodies' available for download now.

What better way to portray the need for warm bodies than by way of a horror film!  The NSFW video for 'Warm Bodies', directed by Brian Cox of Flarelight Films, can be viewed below.

Frontman Reyka Osburn tells us; "We wanted the video for 'Warm Bodies' to have some unexpected turns, so that the viewer would have their expectations abruptly altered while watching. We sought to make sure some of the video was filmed in black and white, so that the mind-altering state of our lead characters would translate to the viewer once it changed to colour – like watching a campy old horror film that turns into an 80's action film!  We intentionally chose to not include band performance footage or images, so we could really get the story concept across, although if you keep a keen eye during the mini movie, you might catch a glimpse of our scary faces."