Flip's top 10 albums of 2018
Flip's top 10 albums of 2018
Friday, December 21, 2018 - 14:52
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Top 10 albums of 2018 (in no particular order)


Johnny Marr - Call The Comet

With his latest album, Call The Comet, Johnny Marr throws out a sonic lifejacket for the disenfranchised (The) Smiths fans that jumped overboard after Morrissey’s most recent outbursts. Call The Comet is a modern classic, that echoes Marr’s greatest songwriting.


Bruce Springsteen - Springsteen on Broadway

Springsteen’s larger-than-life persona deconstructed. Brilliant record. That’s all.


Permanent Debt - Demo 2018

Demo 2018 hits harder than the lamp post that prematurely ended Paul Walker's career.


Wiegedood - De Doden Hebben Het Goed III

Wiegedood, Church of Ra’s most recent inductees, are a cascadic, post-black metal act that originally started out as a side project by members of Supergenius, Oathbreaker and Amen Ra. The third installment of De Doden Hebben Het Goed is a brutal, relentless and uncompromising audio carpet bombing of the inside of your skull.


Whispering Sons - Image

Whispering Sons’ debut album, Image, is darker than the inside of a miner’s lungs and more depressing than the Star Wars Prequels. A rare gem in a world of mediocrity.


Kurt Vile - Bottle It In

80 something minutes of pure and unadulterated head-bobbing bliss.


DMA’s - For Now

Sydney, so much to answer for …


Cat Power - Wanderer

Cat Power is and always will be the anchor that keeps me grounded.


Negative Self - Control The Fear

When it comes to music I care more for craftsmanship than originality. To some Control The Fear might be a carbon copy of every Suicidal Tendencies classic. To me it’s the purest form of craftsmanship.


S U R V I V E - RR7400: LA041717

S U R V I V E is an analog synth band that consists of Michael Stein, Kyle Dixon, Adam Jones and Mark Donica. These names might not mean much to you, but when I tell you that Stein and Dixon are the musical masterminds behind the Stranger Things soundtrack, you know what to expect. RR7400: LA041717 is a collection of dark, brooding instrumental synth tracks that serve as an homage to the legendary Peel Sessions.


Top 10 movies of 2018 (in no particular order)


Death of Stalin




Der Hauptmann


Skate Kitchen


First Reformed


Leave No Trace


Lady Bird


The Florida Project


Sorry To Bother You


Call Me By Your Name