Fotocrime debuts “Always Hell” music video
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 18:31
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Ryan Patterson has shed his past as frontman of Coliseum to reemerge under the pseudonym R.Pattern. He hasn’t returned to music empty-handed, though—Pattern’s time and talent is now being poured into his new post-punk outfit, Fotocrime. Stoking the anticipation surrounding Fotocrime’s debut EP (out May 12th), Pattern has released a video for the EP’s title track, “Always Hell.” 
“Always Hell” introduces Fotocrime’s sonic tenets at full force—waves of battle hymn drums, wall-of-sound synths, tantalizing single-note guitar work, and Pattern’s unmistakable drawl. With longtime collaborator J. Robbins serving as producer, Pattern’s first release as Fotocrime is a menagerie of trenching riffs and synth-driven melodies, all preaching in a darkness that is both inescapable and spellbinding.
Always Hell will be released on May 12.