Groezrock update
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 10:32
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Remember that Korn song that starts with ‘are you readyyyyy’? We do, even though we wish we didn’t. Don’t worry… Korn will not be playing at Groezrock. Seriously, what drugs are you on? But we digress. Here are the first 48 bands for Groezrock 2015!
As you already know, REFUSED is our first headliner. We also added the legendary SOCIAL DISTORTION to top the bill. You want more big names? Well how about LAGWAGON? Or MILLENCOLIN?

Hold on, don’t cream your pants yet. Think about dead puppies… There’s more, ehm, coming…

Punk isn’t all about headliners, really. It’s about supporting your local scene. So we booked some amazing Belgian bands: the crossover thrashers TOXIC SHOCK, the bluesy, sludgy stoners of YOUR HIGHNESS, melodic metalcore act SET THINGS RIGHT and the noisy punky rockers PSYCHO 44.

They’ll be joined by THE DWARVES, who apparently invented rock ‘n roll, and AGAINST ME!, whose excellent “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is probably the most talked about record of the past year.

We also invited our Aussie friends in FRENZAL RHOMB and THE SMITH STREET BAND to come and play some tunes.

In case you missed their reunion shows, we made sure you can catch BASEMENT in Meerhout. Their countrymen in GNARWOLVES and WHILE SHE SLEEPS and TURBOWOLF will also be crossing the Channel.

Stoked? Or are you waiting for something more hardcore? Well… In the category ‘heavy as fuck’ we have for you the deathcore stylings of SUICIDE SILENCE, EMMURE, WHITECHAPEL and CARNIFEX.

If that isn’t loud enough yet, then how about ATREYU? Or UNEARTH? Or CANCER BATS? Or IRON REAGAN, featuring members of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour? That’s a lot of loud if you put them all together.

We also have some fine bands that will be playing our festival for the first time ever, such as TIMESHARES, DIRECT HIT!, TRANSIT, TURNSTILE, SET IT OFF, new Hellcat Records sensation THE INTERRUPTERS and THE HOLY MESS.

On the other hand, bands like MAKE DO AND MEND, BANNER PILOT, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, THE GHOST INSIDE and SUCH GOLD will be back for a second round of Groezrock. Guess they all want a shot at the TITLE FIGHT. Get it?

And just when you thought we’re almost done, we’re gonna dive feet first into some extremely amazing hardcore bands, like COMEBACK KID, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, TRASH TALK, DEFEATER, REIGN SUPREME and NYHC legends AGNOSTIC FRONT.

Last but certainly not least, we will offer you the chance to come say goodbye to the amazing BANE and THE SWELLERS. Or come say “hello again” to old acquaintances at the reunion shows of the legendary AS FRIENDS RUST and the iconic AMERICAN NIGHTMARE who will play on the ETNIES stage.