Introducing Vanishing Ink:  A Modern Tribute to Punk Culture and Radio
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 22:36
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Here's something that looks like it could be a lot of fun...

Over the past few weeks, Allyson McCabe, music journalist and radio producer whose work often appears on National Public Radio, and at The Rumpus, has been quietly offering up private invitations to Vanishing Ink, her new subscription-only podcast that connects to music, culture, and memory. Starting today, June 14th, Vanishing Ink will be publicly available!

 “I really missed the xeroxed and stapled music zines and the cassette to cassette mix-tapes I grew up with, so I became intrigued by the idea of recreating that experience in the digital space.” - Allyson McCabe

Each Wednesday morning subscribers to Vanishing Ink receive a brief compendium of Allyson's offbeat obsessions, musical and otherwise, reviews of everything, thinly veiled industry dirt, and even occasional prizes. Every other week Allyson includes a secret code to unlock a new episode of Vanishing Ink’s podcast (which Girlie Action’s own Kevin Wortis co-hosts with her).  

Backed by a merry band of scribblers including Portia Sabin (Kill Rock Stars), John S. Hall (King Missile, Unusual Squirrel), Tony DuShane (NY Times Best Seller, San Francisco Chronicle) and Liz Wood (The Rumpus), Allyson and Kevin bring you the real on everything from tarot cards to speed metal dating!  From one bartender's no-holds-barred take on your last Tinder date to the new bands you've just got to hear, each Vanishing Ink episode will be filled with stories and sounds that aren't available anywhere else.

This show is not going out on iTunes or anywhere else in the pod-o-sphere! It’s available exclusively by free subscription. Vanishing Ink is bringing back the magic of discovering something a little special, something you can't find just anywhere.