Jade Imagine share new single and video 'The News'
Jade Imagine share new single and video 'The News'
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 16:38
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Melbourne-based jade imagine have shared a new single and video "The News", taken from their upcoming debut LP Basic Love, due for release August 2nd via Marathon Artists & Courtney Barnett's label Milk! Records.

About the track front-woman Jade McInally says: "I really can’t keep up with the news. No word of a lie. A story about accepting the fact that the wheels will always be turning, whether you like it or not. Sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes I can’t stay on top of it all. This song wasn’t really in the mix to go on the record at first, but [producer/guitarist] Tim kept pushing to explore it... and it became one of the funnest and most playful to record."

Basic Love is the debut LP by Melbourne’s jade imagine. A powerful exploration of the simple vs. the abstract, Basic Love is an existential ride that shimmers through its playful pop-tones and stripped back nature. Emotionally dictated by the wit and noir of Jade McInally (vocals, guitar, synths) and propelled by a band that seamlessly fuses together elements of synthwave and art-rock, this album is an impressive culmination of jade imagine’s signature style of bleak pop and contemplative new-wave.