Listen to Low Dose's new single 'Start Over'
Listen to Low Dose's new single 'Start Over'
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 10:00
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Low Dose is a band that can take a punch. Whether we’re talking the dissolution of past projects, or the crumbling of a marriage, the quartet live with a resiliency that translates to their truculent sound. This resilience is showcased on their latest single, “Start Over.”
“Start Over” appears on Low Dose’s debut self-titled LP, out March 29th.  The album itself is about “…going through a really f*cked up divorce, but I wanted to have the lyrics be very obvious and pop-sensible so people can apply them to things that they’ve gone through personally,” guitarist/vocalist Itarya Rosenberg said of the album’s aim. “Playing with these guys and writing this record saved my life.”
Low Dose is a band that rose not just from a pile of ashes, but from a full-on dumpster fire. After pulling the plug on their sludge core outfit Fight Amp, Mike McGinnis, Jon DeHart, and Dan Smith found themselves itching for a new musical outlet. Rosenberg, on the other hand, was recovering from a litany of physical ailments and a train wrecked marriage. This state of arrested of development, and the dissatisfaction that stems from it, is what propels Low Dose’s debut.
The 35-minute LP will hit all the right notes for those who fancy the more melodic side of the noise-rock coin, especially those who lean toward the sonic bedlam of Metz and the silvery chime of Slint. Low Dose was recorded and mixed by Steve Poponi (Fight Amp, Psychic Teens) and mastered by Dave Downham (Creepoid, Beach Slang), making for a sound that’s as visceral as it is infectious. In the end, Low Dose is the sound of transcending your circumstances and moving on with your life.