Little May release new single 'As Loving Should'
Little May release new single 'As Loving Should'
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 15:21
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As they march towards the release of their new album, 'Blame My Body' (out May 3 via Dew Process / Universal Music Australia), Australian indie rock duo Little May today release a new single, "As Loving Should."

"As Loving Should" is in many ways the banner song of Blame My Body. Its composition is a contrast between beauty and brutal honesty. The music itself is velvety smooth, with a lush, rich warmth – acoustic strums, grizzly guitar leads, and vocals ripped straight from Stevie Nicks’s throat at the height of her Fleetwood Mac fame. However, its beauty masks confessional lyrics that find Little May vocalist Hannah Field opening up about her battle with alcohol dependence during a turbulent relationship.

“I chose the bottle over you so many times / No more empty promises this body is mine,” she declares at one of the more poignant moments during the second verse – a line emblematic of the duo’s quest to make a record as honest (sometimes painfully honest) and as true to their hearts as they could. It’s stark and it’s raw, but it’s stunning and real.