Look Mexico premiere “We Are Groot”
Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 13:46
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Tiny Engines welcomed Look Mexico back into the fold in 2013 as the band celebrated their 10 year anniversary. In 2008, Tiny Engines' very first release was Look Mexico's “Gasp Asp” 7". And eight years later the label and band are excited to announce the long awaited third full-length. The LP, entitled “Uniola”, is officially out 6/24/16 and will be the band's first release since 2011's “Real Americans Spear It” EP on Adeline Records. Pre-Orders for Uniola are now live.

You can check out the first new song from Look Mexico in close to five years right now.



Track Listing

1. Ride Or Die, Remember?
2. Well, Kansas Ain't What It Used To Be.
3. You're Lucky You Didn't Lose Your Arm
4. I Even Got This Scar To Match
5. Next Time, Send A Limo
6. We Are Groot.
7. Ice? Yeah, You Could Chisel Some Off Your Heart, If You Could Find It.
8. Ok, Ok, I'll Turn Down The Music
9. My Superman Seat-Grab Barrel Roll? I'm Still Working On It.
10. I Was Raised With A Different Kind Of Loyalty, You Know What I Mean. I Vote No. (Remember The Second You Go Through That Door, Everything Changes. Our Old Life Is Done.)
11. That Was The Flame Thrower. Use The Rockets. (digital only)