Loser unveil new single 'Get It All Out'
Loser unveil new single 'Get It All Out'
Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 09:41
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Melbourne outfit LOSER are lifting the lid on their latest single, 'Get It All Out,' a track that explores the feeling of a weight lifted that comes after purging your darkest emotions.

Frontman Tim Maxwell explains that 'Get It All Out' rolled together quickly, almost effortlessly, one night at home. "One Friday night two years ago I locked myself in my room with a bottle of wine and cigarettes and churned out the whole song by midnight," he says, adding: "I feel like it’s one of our strongest songs to date, and I feel like it’s a song that everyone needs right now."
Having only formed a few months prior, LOSER made a whopping impression on the Australian rock landscape with their five-track debut EP Restless Noise last year. An assured and addictive dose of 90's grunge-infused rock, it boasted standout tracks including 'Phase Me' and 'Vacation' and earmarked the band as serious purveyors of hook-y, guitar-driven alt rock.