The Maine’s Kennedy Brock recently underwent surgery to have a tumor removed
Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 11:19
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The Maine's Kennedy Brock (drummer) has revealed that during the recording process for American Candy, he underwent a successful surgery to remove a tumor on his thoracic spine. Since then, it has been classified as benign and he is still planning on touring this spring. You can read a statement from Brock below.

During our time recording American Candy, a tumor was found on my thoracic spine. I went through a tricky surgery to remove it, but everything went as good as humanly possible and it has since been classified as benign. I am currently healthy and free of my unwanted friend, but still very sore and healing. I am writing to request that everyone please be gentle, with hugs and such, while hanging out with me over the next few months. I love you all and couldn't be happier to be seeing you all again soon! #AMERICANCANDY #8123 #Nigelthetumor