The Maple State share video for 'Winner'
Monday, March 19, 2018 - 18:43
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Manchester band The Maple State are pleased to reveal the video for their latest single ‘Winner’. Directed by Ben Thornley at Sitcom Soldiers, the new video sees front man Greg Counsell take to a snowy, fog-laden Bolton for a few laps of the Northern town.

“We love the band Travis and are all huge fans of their videos from the 90s, in particular the video for ‘Turn’” explains Counsell of the concept “I always loved how Fran is just made to physically suffer for no reason other than stubbornness. We wanted to do something similar for Winner. The song has a driving/running vibe to it, so we just thought the easiest and most relevant way to make me suffer was to have me running all day. Our friend Ben Thornley liked the idea and I went up to meet him in Bolton to film in and around the town.

“We shot it in a morning and afternoon, I wasn’t aware that they intended to start the video at the top of Winter Hill in -1C with snow and fog… by the end of the video I’m looking pretty well spent, and as much as I’d love to claim that way my acting, it was just me slowly dying.  Filming in industrial estates and the town center was also interesting - because of my tracksuit a lot of people kept approaching us and asking if we were shooting an Adidas advert, I must’ve appeared a strange choice of athlete.  Immediately after the shoot I drank two pints of Guinness and fell promptly asleep on a bench in Manchester Victoria train station.”