The Max Levine Ensemble complete music video trilogy with “Backlash, Baby”
Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 18:06
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The Max Levine Ensemble have premiered their music video for "Backlash, Baby". This is the third video in the series released alongside The Max Levine Ensemble's most recent record “Backlash, Baby”.

The Bond-esque series features Katie Alice Greer from Priests  and Sharad Satsangi from Ilsa. The series premiered in reverse chronological order, with the latest video "Backlash, Baby" leading into the video for "My Valerian" and concluding with "Sun's Early Rays."

The Max Levine Ensemble produced and directed the series themselves with some guest animation by Ben Levin, writer for Steven Universe and creator of the Doris & Mary Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison web series. 

"Backlash, Baby" is the title track off of The Max Levine Ensemble's most recent record, released by Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records in November of 2015. The band will be playing shows this March with Thin Lips, Worriers and Bellows.


Tour Dates:
03/11 - Brooklyn, NY - Aviv*
03/12 - Philadelphia, PA - Everybody Hits* 
03/13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat*

* w/ Thin Lips, Worriers