Music premiere : Nathan Leigh - "Which Side Are You On"
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 16:55
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We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Nathan Leigh’s take on the song “Which Side Are You On”. The track is taken from the politically active folk-punk singer’s new EP, “The Slumlord's Kids”, a collection of songs recorded on tour as a reaction to the Trump administration. All proceeds from the EP go to benefit organizations doing social justice and antifa work.

Nathan comments on the song:

"'Which Side Are You On' is an old pro-union song dating back to the Harlan County War, when local government officials tried to violently stop miners in Kentucky from unionizing. When Trump was elected, I was on tour, traveling through areas that used to be mining towns and thinking about how that old question applies again. This time it's not about union rights, but about economic rights and civil rights. As Pete Seeger used to do, I started writing my own lyrics to fit the time. When the folks in power use the same tricks as anti-union forces like J.H. Blair used to deceive people who are barely getting by into thinking that a better life for people who aren't even getting by means a worse life for them, the question needs to be asked again."