Paper + Plastick release spring sampler
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 19:29
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Paper + Plastick have had a fantastically busy and frantic start to 2015 - with releases from After The Fall, Dwayne, Brutal Youth and Break Anchor already released and so much much more scheduled (such as the recently announced comeback from We Are The Union)

They wanted to release a FREE Spring Sampler to allow you to recap on their recent works and also hopefully introduce you to your new favourite band. 

You can NOW obtain a copy of our Spring Sampler (full Track List below) either from the store (here) or stream it on our soundcloud channel/YouTube channel.

As you'd expect we regularly update content on all those sites so please check back or bookmark!

Track list:

(1) Dwayne - Low Expectations
(2) Break Anchor - First World Problems
(3) After the Fall - Dedication
(4) Brutal Youth - Contrarian
(5) We Are The Union - Call In Dead
(6) Aspiga - My Little Eraser
(7) Junior Battles - Bunk
(8) The Moms - Blow me
(9) Bad Ideas - Clumsy Hands
(10) Class of 86 - Veni Vidi Vino
(11) And We Danced - The Ring