Pixies share video for 'On Graveyard Hill'
Pixies share video for 'On Graveyard Hill'
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 17:35
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Pixies shared a video for new song 'On Graveyard Hill.' A tip of the hat to film director Kenneth Anger, the “On Graveyard Hill” video was conceived and directed by Kii Arens (Devo’s “What We Do”, Queens of the Stone Age’s “The Vampyre of Time and Memory”) and Bobbi Rich and shot in Los Angeles.  Said Arens, "Directing for the all mighty Pixies is quite an honor, and I was given complete artistic freedom to do what I wished.  The freedom to do so makes sense as to why they are such an original, real deal band.  I started my career in music creating rock art so it’s perfect for this psychedelic freak-out video release."

“On Graveyard Hill,” that debuted at #1 on FMQB’s SubModern Chart, is the first track from Pixies upcoming album Beneath The Eyrie (BMG), produced by GRAMMY-nominated Tom Dalgety, and due out September 13.