PREMIERE: Mark Lind and the Unloved share new song 'Bridges Burned'
PREMIERE: Mark Lind and the Unloved share new song 'Bridges Burned'
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 20:39
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We are happy to premiere ‘Bridges Burned,’ the latest track to be taken off Mark Lind and the Unloved’s upcoming album, ‘The Last Bastion,’ which will be out Nov 8 via State Line Records (preorder here).

The album marks Lind’s first new music since 2013 and the first with The Unloved in a decade. Existing fans can expect another solid album of catchy punk rock n’ roll songs. New listeners might be interested in the Appetite for Destruction-style feel the band was able to capture.

Mark Lind about the song:
"Bridges Burned starts as a fairly focused and concise punk rock song and opens up into pretty wide open and new territory. It's not unlike the words in that sense. Sometimes you get started on a thought and it just takes you off into a direction you didn't expect. The recording was done in one take with the band just feeling out how the second half of the song should go. I think we got it right. Or we got lucky."

Lind’s earliest release goes back to 1996 when at 19 years of age he split a 7” with another upstart band called Dropkick Murphys. He’s performed in a variety of bands over the years including Ducky Boys, Dirty Water, Mark Lind & The Unloved, Sinners & Saints and The Warning Shots. He has supported virtually every band you can think of in the underground from William Elliott Whitmore to Helmet, the list goes on and on. Lind is a name often considered synonymous with Boston Punk.

As the owner and proprietor of State Line Records, Lind has assembled a band comprised of members of label bands Art Thieves, Diablogato, Michael Kane & The Morning Afters and even The Bruisers. Most of these songs were rehearsed a handful of times and then recorded live in studio in one to two takes. The band sounds urgent and fresh. Jeff Morris of The Bruisers lends his impeccable lead guitar skills to more than a handful of the songs. Paul Christian and Steve Neary of Far From Finished resurfaced to lend a helping hand.

'The Last Bastion' is a new take on The Unloved with fresh players making their mark on a set of Mark Lind songs. This band nails it on every level and takes the songs to new heights. Fans of all of Lind’s bands will find something they can enjoy here. Pairing up with Andrew Moreyellow for the first time since Dirty Water’s sole EP in 2003 made this project go to the next level.

(Photo credit: Timothy Donovan)