Rare Futures release video for "The Pressure"
Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 20:01
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Formerly known as Happy Body Slow Brain, Rare Futures is a groove rock band fronted by Matt Fazzi (ex Taking Back Sunday, Atlas Genius). The band began as a side-project attempting to mesh Fazzi's love of heavy rock groove, Motown soul, and 80′s synthesizers into one harmonious package. After two years with Taking Back Sunday, Fazzi immediately turned his full attention to his former project, self-releasing a full-length album, 2010′s "Dreams Of Water", an acoustic/B-sides EP in 2012 and a charming live EP in 2014. With a new name and more determination than ever, Rare Futures will release their long awaited album, titled "This Is Your Brain On Love," in March 2016 through InTheClouds Records and Cerebral Music Group.

To celebrate the occasion they just released their intergalactic debut video for "The Pressure", which implements 'intricate stop-motion techniques to brilliantly compliment the song's crescendos.'