Rayner release video for “Blurred Lines”
Friday, April 28, 2017 - 08:26
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Vegas punk band Rayner released a video for "Blurred Lines". The song is taken off of their new EP ‘Disasters’, which will be out on June 23rd, 2017 through FtLP Records.
Here's what the band had to say about “Disasters”:
As we began to write songs we tried to push forward a bit more by adding more variations in our themes both lyrically and musically. Our previous album was more about finding yourself and growing out of the same tendencies, while these songs are still introspective it gets to the idea that our own issues emerge into bigger social issues and become systemic.Lyrically it touches upon sexual constructs, universality of death, the nature of beliefs, and for good measure, drinking to the point of epiphany (because why not). Musically, we still wanted to keep things within our pop-punk sound but not be afraid to take chances and risks with structures or ideas if needed. The songwriting was a lot more fluid and songs started to take shape pretty quickly. After we finished a few of them, we realized that they may better fit onto an EP instead of a proper full length as a way to experiment with new directions in between albums.