Rdio launches free mobile radio service
Friday, September 5, 2014 - 20:33
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Starting today Rdio, a global music streaming service available in  60 countries, launches free mobile radio service and introduces a suite of new features making it even easier for subscribers to listen to music any way they want, from stations to playlists to albums and to songs. Rdio’s stations-first offering, now free for the first time for mobile users in Europe pulls from a catalogue of over 30 million songs and a wide variety of station types.

Anyone can now instantly enjoy free stations -- no trial or subscription necessary -- and can enjoy all of the new features cross platform. This product update underscores Rdio’s commitment to creating the best streaming internet radio experience through personalised music discover. 

The company’s commitment to expanding its reach to every device can be seen through strategic API partnerships with brands in connected device, mobile apps and automotive:

  • Roku, a leading streaming entertainment platform, is the first to integrate Rdio’s free stations API, making Rdio its featured music partner, and with certain Roku products can offer instant access with the touch of the Rdio button on the Roku remote;   
  • Shazam® has supercharged streaming with Rdio, allowing its more than 100M monthly active users to link to Rdio to enable all songs tagged in Shazam to be stored in “My Shazam Tags” playlist in Rdio and also to go “beyond the preview” with full song playback in the app;  
  • Soundhound, also connects listeners directly with Rdio and enables every song discovered to be played back “in app” and also linked to a playlist in Rdio;
  • Rdio provides interactive streaming music for all Tesla Model S vehicles in Europe.

For more information about Rdio, check out their website