Red City Radio headlines First ever Brakrock Ecofest Indoor Edition
Monday, January 5, 2015 - 08:01
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A few days ago I received news from Brakrock Ecofest... The mail was so fun, I just copy paste it for you to enjoy as wel!

"We are f*cking unstoppable. We are f*cking juggernauts! But most of all super proud to finally announce our second annual Brakrock event! On the 13th of March you will be able to catch Red City Radio, PEARS and The Dutch Rudders on our first EVER Brakrock Ecofest Indoor Spring edition. Get ready for some great sing-a-longs, heartfelt gruff lyrics and sweaty punkrock dancing in a venue somewhere here in Belgium. Which venue you ask? Well that news will go up in a couple of weeks together with Ticket information and the next batch of bands. Things got a bit complicated with the holiday season but hey… doesn’t mean you can’t get super stoked yet, am I right? Virtual high five!"

All information on the event can be found here: The event can be found here