Ron Gallo release new single and video for 'Always Elsewhere'
Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 17:23
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Earlier this month Ron Gallo announced his sophomore album, Stardust Birthday Party, which will come out on October 5th via New West.

Today he shares the latest single from the album, "Always Elsewhere," "Most of the time we perceive the world, ourselves and others as ideas we have about them rather than what they really are," says Gallo. "All of our fear and anxiety stems from speculation about what COULD happen, not what is actually happening here and now.  I've done this most of my life and still do and the best way I've found is to become aware that you are not being aware or present and suddenly you become present, that's what this song is for."a frantic representation of modern life and our inability to live in the moment.

In the companion music video, directed by Dylan Reyes, we see Gallo's literal representation of this concept in the form of a box he lugs from place to place.