Shonen Knife share live video for Powerpuff Girls hit 'Buttercup (I'm A Supergirl)'
Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 16:38
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Japan’s legendary punk pop trio, SHONEN KNIFE, shared a video for "Buttercup (I'm A Supergirl)" - the first cut off their upcoming Live DVD, ALIVE! In Osaka.  

"Buttercup (I'm A Supergirl)" was originally created for Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls and used to air daily before the show, alongside a song by Apples In Stereo. The track also appeared on the album Heroes & Villains: Music Inspired By The Powerpuff Girls which included tracks from Apples in Stereo, DEVO, and Cornelius.

Frontwoman Naoko explained her love of Powerpuff Girls , "It is a story about three girls which is just like Shonen Knife. When I got an offer from Cartoon Network to make a theme song for Buttercup, I was so happy because she is my favorite character. I made that song with fun. I’m always enjoying to play that song at our show. Our audience got so cheerful with that song."

SHONEN KNIFE will be releasing ALIVE! In Osaka via Good Charamel Records in North America, Europe and The UK on May 4, 2017.