Trophy Lungs have released video for “Bathroom Graffiti.”
Friday, October 9, 2015 - 11:34
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Taken from their Antique Records debut, which is due out October 16, Trophy Lungs’ latest single is an ode to the friends who are no longer among the living. As much as we often refuse to admit it, not everyone gets to live a long life. Some people have their time on this planet cut far too short, and on “Bathroom Graffiti” Trophy Lungs let their departed friends and family know they are never far from their minds.

The video for “Bathroom Graffiti” is about as pop punk as you can get, with the members of Trophy Lungs performing in a very tight space that appears to be inside someone’s home. Fans are going crazy, even singing along, and sweat is pouring. There are also cutaways to the band and their fans holding signs in remembrance of those they lost. It’s a touching moment amidst and otherwise fun and carefree clip.