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Cabana Wear
Cabana Wear Cabana Wear Punk Rock Theory
Friday, January 25, 2019 - 22:51
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Power-pop upstarts, Cabana Wear, are a brand new band made up of longtime members of the New Jersey/Philadelphia punk and indie scenes (members of By Surprise, Crucial Dudes, It's A King Thing), and today they're announcing their upcoming self-titled debut album, due out March 15th from the band and cassette label, Sludge People (Radar State, Josh Berwanger, See Through Dresses). The first single from Cabana Wear is "Bother You" a two minute rush of fuzzed-out guitars and undeniable hooks that's sure to please fans of the melodic corners of '90s alternative.
Cabana Wear's music is invitingly familiar, the kind of effortlessly catchy songs that prove loud guitars and a memorable melodies never go out of style. While the band's sound is bright, the lyrics on Cabana Wear often deal with existential doubt and the frustrations of every day life. Vocalist/guitarist Brian Mietz unpacks the ups and downs of adulthood but never gets lost in self-pity, instead winking at the absurdities and choosing to appreciate the smaller moments that can feel so big.


Track listing:

  1. Get Well
  2. Scaredy Horse
  3. Always Loose
  4. Bother You
  5. Green
  6. St Napster
  7. Lease Comfortable Me
  8. Tommy
  9. One Time In A Million
  10. Brewers and Connie's
  11. Summer
  12. Where I Am