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Into Red
FEWS Into Red Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 21:16
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Anglo/US/Swedish noisenik’s FEWS have announced news of the follow-up to their debut album (2016’s ‘[Means’) with Into Red, released through Play It Again Sam on 01 March 2019.

Into Red is FEWS dialling-up the intensity with a record boasting a heavier, innovative though nonetheless catchy dynamic than the blueprint of their debut record.  

As band co-founder Frederick explains “Making these songs is by far the most personal thing I’ve ever experienced. We wanted to make an album that actually meant something and take it to the next level, no restrictions or limits. With these songs I wanted to see how honest I can be with myself without it getting too uncomfortable. (Fellow co-founder) David said ’Into Red’ is like a lorry going 300 kph on ice almost losing control, which sums it up pretty great.”

Working with friend and producer Joakim and the resultant work pushing FEWS harder than ever before Fred add’s “we developed it cohesively and Joakim has seen us live a lot and knew instinctively what mood we wanted to achieve. It felt super natural with him and was an amazing partnership then James (Dring) provided the icing on the cake, he made everything pop in a way we couldn’t even imagine”

Of Paradiso Fred proffers “whilst touring last year I was joking around with the guys going like Hey I’ve got a new song!" even though I really hadn’t. I just played an open E for them and yeah, they just left the room. Later we headed to Amsterdam and had two days-off - one day to party and one day to write.  We got booked into Q-Factory studios and by accident I did the same joke and added 'D-B-G’, this time everyone took notice - we worked all day and finished it. Nameless, we decided to try it out at Paradiso, the venue we were playing in Amsterdam. Having made its debut someone yelled 'PARADISOOO!' so the name stuck cause it was born there.”


Track listing:

  1. Quiet
  2. Paradiso
  3. More Than Ever
  4. Suppose
  5. Limits
  6. Business Man
  7. 97
  8. Anything Else
  9. Over
  10. Fiction